Total Shop Time: 17 hours

Paint was polished to remove factory defects which made this finish flawless. Each wheel was removed to be thoroughly decontaminated and prepped, then both wheel faces and barrels were coated with Finest for easy maintenance,  Three coats of C.Quartz Finest made the metallic flake in the Phantom Black paint pop!

2015 Toyota Highlander

C.Quartz Finest + New Car Prep

2002 Jaguar XK8

C.Quartz Finest + Full Correction

Total Shop Time: 40 hours

After a long journey across the country this Ferrari California arrived right off of the truck at our shop. Once the paint inspection was complete it was determined that this California had not been properly maintained and saw many tunnel washes, which left the paint covered in deep scratches and swirls. After a heavy three step correction, we removed years of abuse and brought back depth and clarity to this amazing car. Four coats of C.Quartz Finest gave this California gloss off the charts! We added a coat of C.Quartz Leather & Vinyl to the interior and four coats of C.Quartz Finest to the wheels and barrels.

Now the Ferrari California from California is looking better than ever!

Total Shop Time: 16 hours

With less than 150 miles on the clock, this pure white GTI came in with overspray, clay marring, and wash induced marring on the paint. Only light correction was required to make this new car look BETTER than new. Two coats of C.Quartz Finest was applied to keep this paint protected for years to come. The wheels were removed, prepped and coated with C.Quartz Finest for easy maintenance.

Check out the reflections in that paint!

Total Shop Time: 2 hours

Gloss, gloss and more gloss!

2015 Dodge Challenger RT

Maintenance Wash + HydrO2

2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat

C.Quartz Finest + New Car Prep + Wheels-off Finest

Total Shop Time: 14 hours

What a fun toy! 2-Stage Paint Correction brought back all the color and two coats of C.Quartz Finest added all the gloss and show car shine our client was looking for.

1966 Austin Cooper

C.Quartz Finest + 2-Stage

Paint Correction

Total Shop Time: 23 hours

She came back for more!

After reconsidering his options, our client decided that Reload wasn't enough and he just had to have the best for his Hellcat. Some wet sanding was required to remove minor imperfections in the paint. We polished the whole vehicle, and topped it with two coats of C.Quartz Finest. Wheels were removed, decontaminated and coated with Finest along with the Brembo calipers. All glass was polished, prepped, and coated with FlyBy Forte.

Now instead of adding months of protection, we have added years!

2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

C.Quartz Finest + New Car Prep + Wet Sand + Wheels-off Finest + FlyBy Forte

2012 Ferrari California

C.Quartz Finest + Full Correction + Wheels-off Finest + C.Quartz Leather & Vinyl

2016 Volkswagen GTI

C.Quartz Finest + New Car Prep + Wheels-off Finest

2015 Tesla Model S 70D

C.Quartz Finest + New Car Prep + FlyBy Forte

Total Shop Time: 14 hours

Beautiful results!

Total Shop Time: 14 hours

After a full decontamination and a thorough paint inspection, it was determined this new Tesla had already sustained some improper wash damage, which required more correction than a standard New Car Prep. The paint was fully corrected, removing all scratches and micro-marring and polished to perfection before three coats of Finest was applied to all paint surfaces and wheel faces. The glass was protected with our extreme window coating, FlyBy Forte.

2015 Silverado 2500 HD

C.Quartz Finest + FlyBy Forte + 4-Stage Paint Correction

Total Shop Time: 23 hours

After removing over 13 years of wash abuse and environmental contaminants, this Jag's paint was given a deep rejuvenation. Two coats of C.Quartz Finest was applied to keep this metallic blue protected for years to come!

The preferred auto detailing and paint protection film expert.

1830 LONGWOOD LAKE MARY ROAD, SUIte 1024, Longwood, FL 32750

1971 Chevrolet Cheyenne

C.Quartz UK + 1-Stage

Paint Correction

Total Shop Time: 16 hours

After a decontamination wash with IronX snow soap and clay service, this vehicle was polished and prepped for two coats of C.Quartz Finest. This vehicle also received our full wheels-off service with C.Quartz Finest applied to the Savini Black di Forza wheels.

C.Quartz Finest added amazing gloss to the finish of the paint and left our client with a easy to maintain and fully protected finish just in time for Summer.

Total Shop Time: 55 hours

All it takes is ONE wash by an inexperienced “professional” to cause severe damage to the surface of your vehicle. This brand new truck was scheduled for a New Car Prep package, but was washed once by the dealership’s “detailer” before being delivered to our shop. The amount of clear coat damage required an upgrade to a 4-Stage Paint Correction. It took approximately 23 hours of compounding to remove all of the marring, swirl marks and scratches. Glass was polished, prepped and coated with FlyBy Forte. Entire truck was treated with three coats of C.Quartz Finest.

2015 Dodge Durango R/T

C.Quartz Finest + New Car Prep + Wheels-off Finest 

Total Shop Time: 16 hours

This brand new Golf R came in for a single-stage paint correction. After a paint inspection, it was determined that it would also require some compounding to remove scratches that occurred during auto transport to the dealership. The paint was polished to perfection with CarPro Reflect, then coated with C.Quartz UK which really brought out the deep, rich color of this car. The end result of this project was a beautiful, candy-like gloss. 

Total Shop Time: 18 hours

Who doesn't love a classic? After a fresh paint job, this truck's owner recognized a need for a professional polish and coating job. A single stage polish really brought this paint color to life and two coats of C.Quartz UK added depth and clarity like no other coating can do.

2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

Clay & Wax + Reload 

2015 Volkswagen Golf R

C.Quartz UK + New Car Prep + C.Quartz UK Wheel Coating

Total Shop Time: 5 hours

This beautiful, brand new Hellcat was purchased in GA and driven to our shop for a full decontamination wash & clay service. IronX & TriX safely removed iron contaminates from the surface of the paint. We topped it off with Reload to give it a nice clean, gloss and months of protection.

If only you could hear this Hellcat purr!